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Useful Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts for working with FreeCAD

Common tasks


Denominations for used solutions:

  • Blue for workbench selection (e.g. Part)
  • Green for toolbar selection (e.g. View)
  • Orange for shortcut icons (e.g. Create a Cylinder)
Move objectLeft-click in tree view on object โ†’ Transform
Move sketchSketch Properties โ†’ Attachment/Base โ†’ Placement โ†’ Position
Create a face from edgesPart โ†’ Advanced Utility โ†’ Face from edgesassets/tips-tricks/1.png
Create an array from objectsDraft โ†’ Modification โ†’ Array Tools
Create an array in a sketchSketcher โ†’ Sketch โ†’ Sketcher tools โ†’ Rectangular array
Turn compound into multiple solidsPart โ†’ Select your compound โ†’ Explode Compoundassets/tips-tricks/1.png
Position one object next to anotherSelect the first object, click Part โ†’ Attachment, select the second object's face, set mode to "XY on plane"
Change unit system or number of decimalsEdit โ†’ Preferences โ†’ General โ†’ Units
Turn edge into wire with thicknessSelect your edge/wire and click Apply a thickness to a 1D wireassets/tips-tricks/1.png
Toggle object visibilityRight-click on the object in tree view and click Show/Hide selection.
Toggle grid visibilityDraft โ†’ Utilities โ†’ Toggle Grid

Useful shortcuts

Toggle object visibilitySpace
Set camera rotation centerMiddle-click
Pan cameraLeft-click
Rectangle select objectsShift+B
Rectangle select elementsShift+E
Import FileDrag&drop


Extrusion does not workDouble-check that you use a sketch which is closed, without holes or branching wires
assets/tips-tricks/1.pngThis can occur when creating wire geometries. This is just a visualization problem and in no way affect the geometry - you can still use it!